Oral health and hygiene are essential for kids and adults alike.

However, sometimes we are so preoccupied with our issues, we might overlook detrimental habits our little ones have adopted. Such practices embraced by kids can lead to long-lasting dental problems. As kids and toddlers grow and develop physically and mentally, dental issues can distort teeth alignment, palate formation, and bite level. Hence, we should be on the lookout for common pediatric dental problems.

Cavities are on our tail since the very beginning. These can strike the baby’s teeth due to an uncontrolled diet. If you let your toddler take milk to bed or allow your toddler to always have a bottle or sipper, then you should reconsider your decision. Milk has loads of sugar in it, and excessive sugar causes tooth decay.
Cavities are still a threat to your kid out of early years. Particularly, if your child is fond of sweets and has sloppy dental cleaning habits, you should maintain a strict decorum. This is because sweets and inadequate brushing are a perfect breeding ground for plaque bacteria.
Tooth Sensitivity:
Tooth sensitivity refers to a painful sensation from contact with extreme hot and cold food or beverages. Such sensitivity indicates tooth degradation from cavities or teeth grinding. Hence, it would help if you didn’t treat teeth sensitivity casually. It’s best to consult a professional pediatric dentist like Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry if your child complains about sensitivity.
Gum diseases:
Gum diseases often occur due to the accumulation of plaque bacteria. These diseases progress in stages, starting with mild gingivitis. In gingivitis, gums swell and start to bleed even from small irritations. Mild gingivitis, if not taken care of timely, turns into severe gingivitis. Gums now begin to recede, leaving behind periodontal gaps. Hence, this commences a positive feedback cycle when plaque starts to collect in gaps, and this accumulation leads to more problems. Therefore, gum diseases are no joke. However, regular and thorough brushing and floss prevent gum diseases by hindering the plaque build-up.
Thumb Sucking:
Thumb sucking is a toddler’s natural reflex to anxiety. Soon, thumb-sucking becomes the child’s favorite habit. Although it is a harmless habit, the practice can cause serious oral issues if the child carries on with it in later years. Prolonged thumb sucking causes stunted growth of teeth and roof of the mouth(palate). This leads to deformities such as a deformed palate or crooked alignment of jaw and teeth. Furthermore, the crooked teeth alignment deter even bite level.
Apart from common pediatric dental problems discussed above, a few other issues are:
Orthodontic Problems: These problems are a result of genetics. However, the use of retainers or braces at an early age can quickly rectify the situation.
Teeth Grinding.
Canker Sores: white lesions and ulceration on cheek tissue.
Children often suffer from dental anxiety and phobias. The sight of a dental drill and sharp scaler can cause an adult uneasiness, let alone a child. However, the nurturing touch of Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry can make the process easy and even enjoyable for your child.
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