Filing Alternatives

Cavities end up damaging your tooth and thus dentists take that part off of your tooth and fill in the space with various materials but sometimes the damage is too much and filling isn’t an option therefore some alternatives can be used in place of filing here at our clinic we use 4 most common alternatives for filling that includes root canal, Dental implant, veneer and crown.

Dental Implant

Sometimes the damage is too much and your whole tooth needs to be remove and get replaced through dental implant. The replaced implants are as good as the natural tooth and mostly titanium screws and porcelain crowns are used for dental implants.


when a cavity becomes serious and too big to be fixed by regular filling then you might need to get artificial crown, it replaces the whole surface of the tooth with an artificial material like resin or porcelain and it is somewhat similar to veneer.


When cavity occurs in those areas of the tooth where filling cannot be performed then some other alternative like veneer is used to get the tooth repaired give you a happy smile, it is best for tooth decay.  In this process porcelain and resin coating is done on the damaged tooth to make it look flawless and even looking with other teeth.

Root Canal

Human teeth are composed of multiple layers and when bacteria start to eat up the teeth and causes cavities and decay it starts from the outer enamel layer and then moves towards dentin later and the pulp in the center and when this happens it badly damages the tooth and spreads in whole tooth thus causing a serious infection therefore when this happens then dentists suggest root canal that fills in the new tooth in place of damaged one and this is one of the best alternative of filling

In case normal filling don’t work we offer all these alternative options but you must floss your teeth twice a day daily to keep them healthy, to get more information please contact.