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Financial Arrangements

  • Every office has different financial policies and expertise regarding the payment of fees and the handling of dental insurance claims.  Your office may not need any assistance in this area however, if you do feel this is an area of concern, I can provide your financial coordinator or business manager with several resources that will help them develop financial policies for these cases. I will bring two or three dental assistants with me.  I will pay them, and I will ask that you pay what I call an assistant’s fee, which is based upon how much time we have reserved for your office.  I will keep a running ledger for your office’s account, which I will provide to you at any time upon your request. My office will send out statements at the beginning of every month, and your balance will be due within 30 days.  These statements will include the date of service, the patient’s name, the surgical fee, and any assistant fees associated with the time spent in your office.  These statements will also include any payments or credits to your account

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