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Post-Operative Patient Care

  • The routine, post-operative care of patients is done by you in your office and usually involves a five-to-ten minute patient appointment.  During this appointment, you will examine the surgical sites for adequate healing and will provide reassurance that everything is healing well; or, if not, you will refer the patient on to me.

    In most cases when suturing is indicated, I will use resorbable (gut/chromic) sutures so that suture removal is not necessary.  Be assured, I take great responsibility in the post-operative care of the patient.  If either you or the patient has questions about routine or non-routine post-operative care, I am always available.  Furthermore, the patients are also given my telephone number to contact me if they have any problems.  Finally, if any patient ever needs follow-up care with me, I will make arrangements to see them as soon as possible.

    Following treatment, we send each patient a questionnaire in the form of a “comment card along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for returning it to our office.  The purpose of these reply forms is for us to get feedback regarding the treatment we provided your patient.  If you would like to have a sample card sent to you, please let us know.

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