Professional Cleaning

Most of the people do not pay attention and usually ignores the importance of dental cleaning. Some only visits the dentists when they face any kind of dental issues that’s a big mistake which can lead to many health problems later on not only related to their teeth but to overall health. To keep your teeth and oral health is best condition it is mandatory to get a dental cleaning procedure. Getting dental advice every six months can help you keeping a healthy smile along with shinier teeth. There are some main procedures that we perform in our professional cleaning.

Physical Examination
First step that is visual oral examination is done to see if gums and teeth are fine and healthy, this method helps to determine oral health.

Removal of Tartar and Plaque
If you have not been taking proper care of your teeth and not doing proper cleaning and flossing of your teeth you might end up having plaque and tartar on your teeth and we use special medical scalar to remove that plague from your teeth, more the accumulation more time it takes to get all that plague properly removed from your teeth.

Teeth Polishing
After Tartar is removed from your teeth then comes the deep cleansing that helps remove the remaining debris that is done by proper scrubbing of teeth through teeth polishing.

Now next step that is floss is performed by the dentist to remove the remaining plague on the teeth for further cleaning.

Last step is to rinse and clean the mouth to get rid of the leftover from the whole procedure.

Fluoride Treatment
This step is performed at the end of professional cleaning by us to protect your teeth from cavities and plague for next several months.
We recommend getting professional teeth cleaning twice a year to help avoid tooth decay, plague and teeth breaking and also to get brighter teeth and fresher breath!