An Overview of Tooth Pain

When the nerve in the root of a tooth or the tissue around a tooth is irritated, it causes a toothache or tooth pain. There is most definitely an issue with your teeth if you have tooth pain.


Toothaches can never be ignored. If decayed teeth are not handled, they will get more painful. Toothaches are rarely fatal, although they may be symptoms of more severe illnesses that need urgent medical attention.




Sources of Dental Pain

The most frequent sources of dental pain are decay, bad teeth, and missing teeth.

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of toothache discomfort. The acids produced by plaque bacteria infiltrate the tooth enamel, causing mineral depletion and, if left untreated, inflammation of the tooth’s inner layer, the pulp.


Bruxism is another frequent cause of tooth pain. You may have bruxism if your teeth hurt but you don’t have any symptoms of tooth loss or gum disease.


Bruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding, which affects people of all ages. Crooked teeth, weak jaw function, and tension or pain all contribute to bruxism, which results in aching teeth.


Lastly, tooth pain or aches may be caused by sensitive or injured teeth.



 If you use oral care products that enter your teeth and induce tooth inflammation, such as peroxide-based whitening agents, you can experience toothache pain.


A fractured or missing tooth may also be the cause of your toothache. If this is the source of your discomfort, make an appointment with


Treatment for Toothaches

The cause of a toothache determines the cure or procedure. If the toothache is caused by a defect, the dentist will fill it or, if possible, remove the tooth.


A root canal may be required if the toothache is caused by an inflammation of the tooth’s nerve. This infection is caused by bacteria that have made their way into the tooth’s inner workings.


If there is a fever or swelling of the lips, an antibiotic should be administered.


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