Most Common types of dental x rays

A regular visit to the dentist is very important when it comes to healthy oral health, sometimes when you visit us for concerns regarding your teeth or just regular check-ups you might be asked or need to get an x-ray. A dental radiograph or x-ray is the most effective tool that helps to look into the health of teeth and gums rather than simply giving a look from the outside. A small burst of radiation is used to create an x-ray image of teeth that health to detect infections which are shown as dark spots on the teeth in the x-ray image.

Different types of dental X-rays have different purposes, depending on your condition our clinic provides the four most Common types of dental x rays, each used for different purposes

  • Bite-wing X-Rays
  • Periapical X-Rays
  • Occlusal X-Rays
  • Panoramic X-Rays