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Oral exams
Oral diseases that are indeed invisible to the naked eye can only be detected with orthodontic X-rays. It specially includes checking for early signs of any dental disease like cavities inflammation, oral cancer. It is also known as a dental checkup, by which the dentists carefully examine an oral health.
Root Canal Therapy
Root canal therapy is highly preferred to rebuild your misaligned or infected teeth. The root canal relieves pressure caused by inflammation in the pulp of the tooth, and patients can resume normal activities within a few days of treatment. In Richardson, Texas, We keep the infection from wreaking havoc.

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Dental implants are indeed a reliable method of missing teeth replacement. They function by imitating the root system of a tooth. A titanium and other material framework is used that supports a substitute tooth. Implantation is typically performed in stages. Our best dental implant dentist provide trustable and quality services
Professional dental cleaning is crucially important for strengthening dental health as cleaning your teeth is not harmful. Usually, dental cleanings are scheduled every 6 months if we intend to maintain our smiles alive. Our trusted biological dentists and hygienist will use an orthodontic scaler to remove the tartar and plaque.

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Cosmetics Veneers
Cosmetic crowns and veneers can rectify a variety of dental issues, including discolored or chipped teeth. Veneers can also be used to rearrange teeth that are curved, misaligned or sometimes discolored. These are specially designed thin shells that cover the front surfaces of your teeth
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a procedure that lightens discolored teeth, assisting you in removing stains from your teeth and lightening the shade of your teeth. Teeth whitening is the solution for a more pleasant and a brighter smile and requires a professional bleaching by dentists to accomplish this.

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As oral diseases are not visible to the naked eye and teeth have a limited ability to repair themselves, hence, regular checkups for dental health care become mandatory. Visit our reliable and trusted cosmetic and implant dentistry in Richardson, Texas

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    With our 5-star dentistry services in Richardson, Texas, we ensure patient satisfaction, comfort, and care. Our professional dentists are committed to providing top-rated cosmetic and implant dentistry practices.

    şahin çiçek
    şahin çiçek
    Doctors are so nice and polite
    Ruth Assefa
    Ruth Assefa
    Friendly and helpful staff!
    Lee G-Godskid
    Lee G-Godskid
    I truly just had the best extraction experience with Dr IQ. It was quick painless I strongly recommend LifeSmiles Dental for all your dental need.
    zehra rizvi
    zehra rizvi
    Amazing experience. All dentists are so professional and considerate, they make you feel comfortable and put your wellbeing first! Would highly recommend this clinic to everybody!
    Mir Ali
    Mir Ali
    Dr.Ibraiz and his staff were awesome. Very reasonably priced. Did an excellent job taking care of me and my gum pain. Strongly recommend everyone to come here for their appointment.
    Xoxo Love
    Xoxo Love
    Dr. ibraiz did a great job on taking out my wisdom teeth!
    Absolutely LOVED my experience at LifeSmiles Dental Care. This was my first dental appointment, and from the first phone call to schedule all the way to walking out the door after the appointment, we received 7 star service. They were extremely accommodating with my requests and they were so patient and professional at work. Dr. Ibraiz made me feel very comfortable throughout my dental cleaning. I definitely recommend coming here. You can't choose a better place to care for your mouth, teeth and well-being!

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